Who we are

We are comprised of talented, committed people ranging from program officers to Community Empowerment Program facilitators to volunteers.. Each individual contributes his or her unique personality and skills to further our work, creating a dynamic environment in which positive change can take place. Our Team members are so devoted to their purpose that they will surmount any barrier to achieve the team's goals. Within the high-performance team, people are highly skilled and are able to interchange their roles. Also, leadership within the team is not vested in a single individual. Instead the leadership role is taken up by various team members, according to the need at that moment in time.


Collectively, the team has its own consciousness, indicating shared norms and values within the team. The team feels a strong sense of accountability for achieving their goals. Our team members display high levels of mutual trust towards each other.

"It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us"

<span>Tania Ngo</span>

Tania Ngo

<span>Jordan Dejarnette</span>

Jordan Dejarnette

<span>Carol Zigani </span>

Carol Zigani

<span>Didjak Munya</span>

Didjak Munya

Communications and Outreach officer
<span>Laura Thomas</span>

Laura Thomas

Graphic Designer
<span>Sarah Graves</span>

Sarah Graves

<span>Carl Romeo Dogbey</span>

Carl Romeo Dogbey

Campaign Manager
<span>Nagini Akkinepalli</span>

Nagini Akkinepalli

Administrative Assistant